Thursday, 6 February 2014

2014 Reading Challenges and Theme Month

Last year I participated in two reading challenges: Women Challenge and European Reading Challenge. Things didn’t work too well, I got derailed with other projects and activities. I only reviewed three books for the former and five for the latter. In spite of my poor results, and the possibility that I may not be compatible with reading challenges, I decided to sign up for three challenges this year:

2014 European Reading Challenge, hosted by Rose City Reader.

2014 Books on France Reading Challenge, hosted by Words and Peace.

2014 Women Challenge, hosted by Peek-a-book!

I’m joining this particular challenge because I’ve been slowly realizing I seldom read women’s books, and I think I should make my reading habits more inclusive.

Furthermore, I’ve decided what my blog’s theme month will be about. As you know, in 2012 I devoted November to José Saramago, and in 2013 I spent the months of May and June writing about Brazilian literature. That made me think that I’d be incurring a grave injustice if I did not follow that up with a Portuguese-language African literature month. So sometime around May I’ll start posting reviews about Angolan, Mozambican, Cape Verdean, Bissau-Guinean and Santomean books: there’ll be novels, short-stories, non-fiction and poetry. I hope this will be informative and interesting.


  1. Looking forward to what you choose for these challenges, Miguel. I'd previously thought about doing both (in partic. the Euro one because even though I could stand to read more female writers for the same reason you mention, I couldn't see myself signing up for challenge levels like "Baby Girl" for the Women challenge even as a joke!) and possibly even one or two others, but I have a hard enough time staying focused as is. I see Kinna's African Reading Challenge is back after a year layoff, so I might do that one after remembering some of the cool things you read for that a couple of years ago. Anyway, hope you have fun with all of these!

  2. It all adds up to a pile of good books, one way or the other. Very happy to hear about Lusophone Africa month.

  3. These seem to be ambitious goals. It seems like you have chosen very interesting areas to concentrate upon. I am really looking forward to reading about what you have to say about the African Literature.

  4. Glad that you'll be reading Lusophone African books. Myself I've read just a few: Angola (Pepetela and Eduardo Agualusa) and Mozambique (Mia Couto and Lilian Momple).

    I've also realised i read fewer women-authored books recently. But I will allow the books to direct me for now.

    I intend to read French writers this year. I hope I get around to it.

  5. I should have joined these three challenges last year - I think I hit at least level 3 in each category! I expect to join you for Portuguese Language African Literature Month.

  6. I'm glad to see that everyone's receptive to a month of African literature :)

  7. If you are interested in, you could have a look to the challenge I launched, the “2015 Women Challenge”. Have fun with me and my challenge! ^_^

    Bye and enjoy your books!


    1. Valentina,

      Grazie, pero non dovrò participate questo anno; non ho riuscito a terminare la sfida scorsa per causa di non avere tempo, e non so se in 2015 avrò più tempo per participare. Me scusate.

      Felice anno nuovo!