Friday, 22 February 2013

2013 Women Challenge

Valentina from Peek-a-Book! recently started the 2013 Women Challenge. The goal is to encourage readers to read more books written by women. Considering that of the fourteen books I’ve already read this year not one was written by a woman, I fear I’m very much in need of taking this challenge.

I’m feeling ambitious so I’m aiming at Level 4: that’s 16+ books. This is my tentative list for the time being; it may change throughout the year:

Isabel da Nóbrega: Os Anjos e os Homens
Fiama Hasse Pais Brandão: Poetry
Natália Correia: Poetry
Agustina Bessa-Luís: Longos Dias têm Cem Dias
Paulina Chiziane: Ventos do Apocalipse
Virginia Woolf: The Common Reader
Angela Carter: Heroes and Villains
Doris Lessing: Briefing for a Descent into Hell
Selma Lagerlof: The Miracles of the Antichrist
Elsa Morante: History: a novel
Wislawa Szymborska: Here
Clarice Lispector: The Passion According to H.
Kate Chopin: The Awakening
Vernon Lee: The Virgin of the Seven Daggers
Ithell Colquhon: Goose of Hermogenes
Edith Nesbit: The Magic World

I’m anxious to start reading and I’m sure I’ll have a great time. Thanks to Valentina for hosting this.

16/12/2013 Update:

I've read so far:

France Rame, Una Vita All'Improvvisa
Clarice Lispector, Stream of Life
Agustina Bessa-Luís, Kafkiana
Isabel da Nóbrega, Os Anjos e os Homens
Lídia Jorge, The Painter of Birds
Conceição Lima, O Útero da Casa


  1. I don't know how it happens. But I've slightly done better than you this year in the women-authors department. Out of the ten books I've read, two are by women. I hardly target one gender. I just read.

  2. An ambitious list indeed!

    I tend to just read too but I think that it is a good idea to notice if one's list of authors gets too monolithic.

  3. Nana and Brian, I'm like you, I just read; still I think this is a good opportunity to finally read some books I've been curious to read for a long time now, and which happen to be written by women :)

  4. Welcome and thanks for joined!!! :)


    1. Valentina, my pleasure! I'm sure I'll have a great time.